The Eco-Safe Digester from BioHitech is a perfect solution for escalating food waste disposable costs.

This “mechanical stomach” digests organic material and expells greywater into the drain. The process greatly reduces the number of dumpster hauls and disposal fees that most businesses incur each week. And, as a result, less fuel-based carbon emissions are generated in the disposal process.

Units are fully automated, requiring minimal training and maintenance. The Eco-Safe Digester is not limited to restaurant use. Units currently reside in hospitals, hotels, grocery stores, universities - any business that generates a substantial amount of food waste.

Real Time Data Reporting!
BioHitech’s Eco-Safe Digester is wired to a “cloud” based system, giving users the opportunity to monitor how waste is disposed and diverted. Real time stats display both environmental and monetary savings. Affordable leasing & service programs are available for worry-free operation.